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What To Do At The Scene Of An Auto Accident

Stay calm.  Don't leave the scene.  If possible, remain in your vehicle until help arrives.

Assure your safety and that of your passengers.  Stay clear of oncoming traffic, fuel spills, fire, etc.

Call the police or local authorities from the accident scene.

Report the accident. Contact us at 651-209-9330, or if we are unavailable, call the company at the number listed below. Call immediately from the accident scene if possible.

Exchange insurance information with others involved in the accident.  Get names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone who was involved or witnessed the car accident.  Write down driver's license numbers, insurance company names and policy numbers of everyone involved in the car accident.

Don't admit fault.  Don't discuss the accident with anyone except the police, local authorities, your agent or your insurance company representative.

Don't discuss your insurance coverage or limits.

Take photos. Try to tell the story with photos by showing the complete intersection, view approaching the intersection, point of impact on all vehicles involved, point of rest of vehicles before they are moved, license plates of vehicles, and debris on road - anything that could change by the time the insurance claim adjuster arrives. 

Make a sketch of the car accident scene.  

Make note of obstructions or debris (sun glare, illegally parked vehicles, trees blocking street signs, etc.)

If it's a business-related vehicle accident secure all company equipment to avoid further damage or causing another accident.    

If you are unable to reach us at 651-209-9330, you may contact your carrier directly by either calling the number listed below or clicking on your insurance companies icon and going directly to their website: 


Auto Owners: 
1-888-Claim-AO (1-888-252-4626)
Progressive:  1-800-PROGRESSIVE
Secura: 1-800-318-2136
State Auto: 1-800-766-1853
Travelers: 1-800-258-4633
West Bend:  1-877-922-5246


Source: State Auto Insurance Companies

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