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Sarah Wilson


Sarah Wilson

Personal Lines

Sarah has been working in independent insurance agencies servicing personal lines (home, auto and umbrella) clients for more than six years and is licensed in Property and Casualty.


Sarah takes care of the details to make sure each client feels special and is well taken care of! She enjoys getting to know the clients and helping identify the best coverage for their home, auto, and umbrella insurance.  

Outside of Work

Spending time with her husband and kids is everything Sarah says she can ever ask for. She enjoys writing in her journal, cooking with family, and anything that brings joy and creates memories with her kids - family time is the best time for Sarah!            

What does Linsey like most about working at an independent agency?

Sarah enjoys getting to personally know and assist her clients, hearing and sharing family and life stories. She likes being able to assist clients with issues from start to finish and educate them on the insurance industry. She also cherishes the flexibility, training, and support she’s received from independent agencies that helps and motivates her career.


NPN: 19335183

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